~ Your Massage ~

Your session will be conducted by Jennifer Haulk-Fraser, LMP who is a trained professional licensed by the state of Washington since 2002. You will disrobe to your comfort level and will be properly draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. You will discuss with your practitioner your desired outcome of your session and any medical conditions. This will help Jennifer to determine what techniques and modalities will be used on what areas of your body. Relax and make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

No two massages are ever the same even if they are performed by the same practitioner. Nor should they be. Each session or treatment should be unique. One or more massage may be performed during any given session. You may request techniques and modalities you wish to receive and ask that others not be performed. Always remember this is your massage and in order for you to maximize the experience you need to communicate with your practitioner things you like and dislike. Please be sure to inform the receptionist when scheduling your appointment on the choice you have made for your massage session so that the practitioner is set up and prepared when you arrive.

Payment is due upon completion of services. Checks are gladly accepted.
Discounts are available for pre-payment.

Please call for an appointment
Phone: 360-423-3132
Cell: 360-430-6036

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